Psst..Wanna Find Out Somewhere? Listen here. Join Us This Saturday!

So you want to know….

…..what’s going on in your local school, or police district, or with your alderman and their votes, their expenses, and yeah, how much money was spent by the city on your neighborhood on….

And maybe you also want….

….to meet the head, the spokesman, the representative of the ……..but they won’t meet you, or won’t give you the info you want, or won’t give you diddly.

What do you do?

How can you tell others about what’s happening when you can’t get the basic information?

It sure is frustating.

I have an answer.

Listen to a group of experienced  journalists explain how they get their information, how they make sure they meet public officials who won’t meet with them, how they file Freedom on Information requests and then wade through the mound of information to figure out what it means.

What: The FOIAfest put on by the Chicago Headline Club.

When: from 9 to 4 pm, Saturday, March 14

Where: chc1

What you’ll get out of it…..advice, hands-on help from pros, inspiration, a chance to schmooze about something that can make all the difference in reporting.

It’s $10 for Headline Club members, and $15 for non-members

For more info go to

I’ll be there. Let’s talk.










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