Who Is Telling the Nation’s Story?

Say you are working in a newsroom right now. Look around.

What do you see? Who do you see?

Do you see a place that reflects colleagues of many different origins?

Nationally, the numbers tell us the situation has barely changed.




But let’s break these numbers down. We see that the small share of newsroom jobs held by black, Latino,  Asian and other journalists has shifted ever so slightly.

We’ll narrow our focus to the state of journalism for black, Latino and Asian journalists in Chicago for our forum Tuesday, Dec.2 

Does diversity matter in a  city that is so diversity? Is Chicago like the rest of the nation.

Join our conversation at 6 pm, room 219, 33 East Congress, Columbia College, to hear what journalists have to say about whether white newsrooms can tell Chicago’s story.

The Newspaper Guild of the Communications Workers of America and the NABJ-Chicago are also sponsors of the event.


Steve Franklin, steve@chicagoistheworld.org, 312 369 6400




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