The Underworld of Teens in the Shadows

They are the pawns of a hell that thrives among us.

They wandered into it out of despair or confusion.

Or they are trapped and sold and marketed.

And they often live amid the crippling dysfunction that feeds the mayhem that feeds violence in our city.

They are the teens snared in human trafficking, and their situation will be explained in a Columbia Links town hall, Thursday,

Nov. 6th.

Six teenage reporters, working for Columbia Links, a youth media project at Columbia College, have spent the summer and fall investigating the stories and reality of these youths.

Besides the teen reporters also on hand for the town hall are:

Brenda Meyers Powell, founder of the Dreamcatcher Foundation, an effort that works to end the trafficking of at-risk youths in Chicago.

Kalyani Gopal, president of SAFE Coalition for Human Rights

Al Krok, of the Salvation Army’s Promise

The event will take place at 5:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 6th at the Music Center Concert Hall, 1014 S. Michigan Ave.

Why is this a story you need to consider?

Beside the human tragedy that persists, the teens will talk about the dearth of places for teens to escape. There are only 12 beds in Illinois for women fleeing sexual slavery or prostitution.

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