The people want peace…… el pueblo quiere la paz

You stop violence when the community steps forward.

And when you heal the community,  you leave no room for violence.

That’s the mantra.

But how do you get it to work?

This video from The Resurrection Project’s You Tube channel gives us a good example of how to do this.(Click on the video above)

It talks about stopping violence, and then shows what people in the community are saying.

This is a community group taking making its voice heard.

Instead of waiting for someone else to tell its story, and the story of Latino communities across Chicago, it is telling us what a number of people are saying about violence, in English and Spanish.

Why do communities matter so much?

Because a wounded or frightened community is not a place where you find messages of hope or possibilities- the messages that people need to change things.

And because when a wounded or frightened community withdraws, it arms itself, and shuts it ears and eyes and the mayhem rolls on.

If you want an example of a community that is saving itself block by block, a community that says it is worth fighting for, drop by Lindbloom Park, 60534 S. Damen from 3 to 8 pm on Saturday, July 12.

The folks of RAGE – Resident Association of Greater Englewood – are showing that the parks of their neighborhood belong to them not anyone else. There will be music, art and free food.

This is a story to go with the stories about the plague of violence that haunts some Chicago communities. It’s a story of solutions, and I would consider it if you are looking for what to say today about violence in Chicago.

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