The building blocks of our mayhem

Violence in Chicago is a house built of blocks

One is guns. Another is a reckless, alternate way of life driven by poverty, segregation, and the result of living on the edge of everyone else.

And drugs is the other.

Drugs drives violence because users steal or rob or do whatever they can to buy their drugs; because dealers rule ruthlessly and because pushers need buyers and the cycle doesn’t end.

Since we slipped horribly into the mayhem that afflicts a number of black and Latino communities more gravely, it has taken the news media  while to realize  this last block.

But an excellent coordination between WBEZ and the Chicago Reader tells us how drugs – heroin especially – drive the Chicago’s violence. This is not only the best reporting account of the presence of drugs told here so far, but the best I’ve found in reporting anywhere in the US in recent years.

Here’s the link:

So, now I wonder.

What are we doing about this?

What’s are the courts and treatment centers doing and how have they impacted the house of violence here?

Are there enough treatment centers? I don’t think so. But I haven’t seen this reporting yet.

Indeed, who treats what here?

If you can find a guide that gives this information reliably and understandably to authorities and victims as well, can you point it out to me.

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