Who Doesn’t Trust Who?

Another shooting. Another South Side scene of despair and violence. A crowd collects and uneasily watches the police. Someone carrying a gun was shot and killed by police. A young black man. Sad, angry eyes.

A tearful woman in the crowd talks about why she won’t talk to police.

“We don’t trust them. And we’ll never trust them,” she says.

A powerful and important scene in the story of violence in Chicago. A scene that details that gap between police and black communities, a gap that police say thwarts their ability to deal with the violence.

This piece by WGN reporter Gaynor Hall is exactly the kind of reporting we need.

It opens up a critical issue, lets  the police and community talk about it, and shows what the police are doing to deal with the issue. It doesn’t brush aside the distrust and Police Superintendent Gerry McCarthy acknowledges this legacy.

It doesn’t go into great details, but it is a beginning, a border crossed, a point made.

It seems to me that the more the conversation about violence looks at problems and their solutions, the closer we are to a conversation that involves everyone and which moves closer to making a difference.

We’ll talk about this kind of reporting and what we need at our media gathering at 6 pm Tuesday, Oct. at 33 East Congress, first floor, Columbia. Gaynor will be on hand, so will other media folks, youth media and Juliana Stratton, director of the Cook County Judicial Advisory Council.

So, join us if you want to be part of this conversation.

Here’s Gaynor’s piece:


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