Isn’t this the talk we need?

We’ve turned the corner, but maybe we don’t realize it.

We’re talking now after years and months of dealing with violence in Chicago about solutions.

That’s a major step forward from just reporting the toll of the violence and nothing more.

Yet I wonder if this is a discussion that involves everyone and whether all of the information if available.

I wonder if the news media is doing all it can to make this a broad discussion, and especially so because of the enormous costs involved, human and financial.

I’m talking about the drive for mandatory minimums for gun crimes in Chicago.

There’s clearly a tussle taking place between those who consider a mandatory prison term the solution and others who say it is not a solution and who believe that other answers are needed.

Here’s an excellent example from WBEZ reporter Rob Wildeboer of reporting that presents the issue and raises questions.

We’ll be talking about this kind of reporting and what else we need say at our Tuesday, Oct. 29th workshop. We’re meeting at 6 pm at 33 East Congress, first floor, Columbia College.

Join us. Tell us what we need to say. Tell us what we are missing. Tell us what matters.

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photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz



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