Bonds Hurt, Bonds Unbroken

The bullets that kill also maim and their reality lingers.

They linger after the toll of violence changes, and our attention shifts.

And so, just as we tell stories about looking back at lives and communities changed, we need to look back at the toll of the violence that lingers.

We need to give faces and voices to those who carry these indelible wounds and injuries.

We need to remind our audiences about what still needs to be done and what the victims of the violence are doing to overcome these wounds. It means creating a sense of history to the stories we tell about the violence.

Here is a compelling reminder of the need to do this kind of reporting. It’s from a story corps presentation on NPR.

Again, if there are stories like this that you have done, or stories like this that need to be told, talk to me. Let’s keep our imaginations open to the kind of reporting that we think we need to make a difference in the telling of violence here in Chicago.

So, too, let me pass along this piece by Don Wycliff about the dilemma that confronts black families. It too reminds us of the larger context we need to consider and a sense of history,0,4994449.story?page=1, office 312 369 6400.

Talk to me

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz 




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