Unraveling violence’s roots

Youth violence is a crash.

It can be one many or one or two forces colliding. So how do we decipher what drove the crash?

Listen to this excellent and compelling reporting by Adriana Cardona-Maguigad for WBEZ and you realize how domestic violence is one of those forces that drives violence on Chicago streets.


Beyond the powerful image in this reporting about the people who step forward to help, you are struck and you wonder about how much help is there for victims of domestic violence, like the youngster Adriana tells us about.

How much of our effort to fight youth violence here in Chicago is dedicated to coping with the stains of troubled families?

And do these efforts make a difference?

We’ll be talking about that on June 11th on a forum for journalists about weighing what works. That is, we’ll be looking at how we can measure the programs that say they are dealing with youth violence.

Besides public health and community anti-violence experts, we’ll be hearing from over a dozen groups here who offer their results.

Our meeting is from 10 to noon at 618 S. Michigan, Stage 2, Columbia College.

Again, we are partners with the Strengthening Chicago’s Youth, the unprecedented coalition of over 150 groups that deal in some way with youth violence.

Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me – digame. Steve@chicagoistheworld.org, 312 369 6400

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz



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