How Do You Stop the Violence?

We know the body count.

But what do we know about stopping violence?

We’ll talk about that on June 11 from 10 am to noon at 618 S. Michigan, Stage Two, Columbia College.

It’s a workshop for journalists on how we measure what works and how we know what’s missing in stopping the violence.

We’ll hear from public health experts, who will walk us through ways of measuring what agencies say about their work.

We’ll hear about what exists here in Chicago and what we need  as well as what we don’t. And we’ll hear from about a dozen agencies, who will talk about how they do their work, and how you can measure the results.

Natalie Moore, WBEZ’s South Side Bureau chief, will moderate

It’s a good time to do this.


Since Rahm is raising $50 million in private funds to give out to agencies that will help stop crime, isn’t it our jobs as journalists to see if this money will make a difference?

Shouldn’t we be asking what kinds of solutions the Mayor and others are proposing?

But no matter what, shouldn’t be be asking these questions now?

We’re partnering again for this effort with the unique city-wide effort, Strengthening Chicago’s Youth (SCY), which links over 120 agencies and organizations somehow involved in dealing with youth violence.

Talk to me – digame,, office 312 36


You might also want to read this article from Crain’s about the Mayor’s anti-violence fund raising effort.


Steve Franklin, The Community Media Workshop

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz



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