There’s more to this story

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

We were talking about reading about someone killed in a gang murder and how sometimes this doesn’t seem possible. How it seems that too many killings are reported as gang killings.

And that made me think of an article that tracked a number of killings some time after to see what was the cause and what came of the case.

It’s part of framing youth violence in a bigger picture, looking at the context for the problem, and returning to the situation again and again to separate out what drives it.

Saying there is more to the story is the beginning. How do you know when you’ve told us what matters and told us why the situation is important.

We have several guides that can help.

One is the guide that you see at the top of this webpage.

Here’s another guide from the Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against  Girls and Young Women.

And here’s a guide on experts and sources on Gun Violence






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