Who tells the story about violence?

Please read this post from the Black Star Project and let’s discuss it


On Thursday, September 27, 2012, Walter Jacobson, of CBS 2 Chicago News, interviewed 7 or 8 young gang members from the Englewood community and asked them “leading questions” on how to end violence in their communities. Based on their comments that “Killing Is The Solution”and that “We rob, steal and kill”, obviously, these young men were not qualified to discuss this issue of ending violence, nor was Walter Jacobson.

Within minutes of airing this 4 1/2 minute segment, hundreds of hateful comments (more than 740 total comments at last count) streamed into CBSnews in response to the segment, most lambasting the young Black men, calling for their deaths and verbally attacking these young Black men and Black people in general.

The Black Star Project called CBS 2 Chicago News and asked if we could provide balance to this hyper-negative portrayal of young Black men with a positive story of young Black men–like the ones who attend our Saturday University, where hundreds of young Black men and women are being tutored and mentored toward life success.  Mr. Jacobson would have gotten different answers had he asked our young men how to end violence in Chicago.  We believe he got the answers he wanted from the young gang members.

CBS 2 Chicago News Producer Chris Selfridge told us, “…CBS 2 is clear that we were not trying to portray young Black men in a negative lite, and don’t think people took it that way or we hope they didn’t.”  Unfortunately, he was very wrong!

This is a sample of comments from Mr. Jacobson’s viewers on CBS’s blog about young Black gang members:

  • I didn’t say it they did, killing is the only solution. What are the cops waiting for?? Kill them all! Total degenerates that should not be given a chance to rob anyone! Kill them before that happens! Promise, the world would be a little safer!!!
  • Give them all fully auto weapons and a truck load of ammo and let them go to town on each other. The numbers will be down in a few weeks then send in the garbage trucks to pick up the garbage.
  • Let these mi99ers exterminate each other. Attrition eventually will win.
  • These are animals not humans!
  • The National Guard could ring the city until the garbage was removed.
  • Notice not a word about trying to work to make money. The entitlements don’t provide all they want, so crime is the next choice. Education and work are not even remote considerations. Pathetic!
  • No loss. If it bothers someone, just think of it as mass late term abortion.
  • “Chicago – It’s the New Detroit!” – I was born there, but back then the Great Society hadn’t destroyed the families of the poor by making daddy superfluous. Now I’d be afraid to go there having seen what happens to whites there.
  • As long as you blow it all to hell once the “winners” emerge.
  • Looks like Detroit and Chicago are heading into the “Escape from New York’ scenario. I say, lets do it. Lets turn these slum cities into prison fortresses and let these gangs kill each other off.
  • Until you be shot by po po. or a rival dealer, then all you do is give the honest working people cause to celebrate your death. Not to mention the welfare check that stops.
  • I often thought that too, if the feds said 24 hour window and amnesty for arrest, to rub out gangstas, the men of every town would gather together so fast it would be remarkable. And the crime that ruins the quality of life in every town would be eradicated in one day (and no more Obama phone paid w/taxes)
  • This happened in Rosewood Florida in 1923, a couple of killings in a white town nearby by residents of Rosewood resulted in the town being destroyed by a mob of whites.Town gone.
  • On a bus ride one afternoon I was privy to overhearing a conversation between 2 teenage A.A. girls, one pregnant and one holding her baby. The young mother was “teaching” the pregnant girl how to “access”, my word not hers, all the public benefits she was eligible for. They don’t need to be “smart” enough. They only need to know someone, and they all do, who is already on the government teat.
  • Blacks have corrupted voting, govt assistance, music, sportsmanship, our neighborhoods, the jury system. I hate that i feel this way, but it’s true. Most of what they get involved in gets ruined.
  • Have you ever heard the term “white flight”? It happened in my neighborhood. We sold just in time. The public housing which was built in that area caused rapid deterioration and tumbling home values. Don’t kid yourself. Low income blacks have a detrimental effect on everything they touch.
  • I seriously doubt these thugs vote though, so is that really true? Not even sure they are smart enough to figure out how to even GET any government assistance.
  • The biggest 2 indicators of crime in an area? Black and Hispanic populations. Get the fact checkers on the phone….OH! they don’t want to touch this one.
  • Not one word about what the rest of us know to be life in the United States. And based on Philly, Chicago, New Orleans, Compton, and rest of the most violent jungles in the US, and the fact that (Bureau of Justice Statistics shows blacks kill at 7 times the rate of whites, and are responsible for more than 60% of all murders each year) millions share his exact same thoughts.  Good luck, liberals, with those after-school basketball games.
  • Bingo. They want the signs of success (cars, money, etc.) but don’t want to do a thing to get them. Think how many people started out flipping burgers or scrubbing toilets on their way up the ladder. And another thing- they have to kill to get money for food? Are there no food stamps or welfare in their area? Please.
  • The way things are with the blacks in Chicago is about the same as the way things are in Haiti, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, and every other country in Africa and every big city ghetto in the Pathetic is an understatement! Worthless degenerates more like it!  US. It is the natural state of affairs for them and nothing will ever change it. In support of that statement I submit the fact that nothing has changed it and there have been some massive efforts to do so.  Now call me a racist hater.
  • These are the animals that we as humans have to deal with yet we have these stupid liberals in our justice system who just don’t get it. These animals don’t care about anything or anyone and will kill at a moments notice yet Quinn, the spinless pos, got rid of the death penalty.  Also, just as I’ve always said, these animals choose to live the way they do. They choose to not go to school and instead rob, steal and sell drugs. So I wish you pathetic would stop making excuses and quit feeling sorry for these heathens.
  • Pathetic is an understatement! Worthless degenerates more like it!
Mr. Jacobson ended this segment by saying, “…there just may be no solution to this problem”, thus inciting people to “create” their own solutions, many that include killing young Black men!  We know there are better solutions, what they are and how to implement them!  The Black Star Project, Father Michael Pfleger and others work on solutions every day. Any segment that generates the above rage, hate and threats of violence should be questioned and rebutted.
Did Mr. Jacobson fail with his objective with this segment or did he succeed?
Please call the General Manager of CBS News in Chicago, Marty Wilke, at 312.899.2222, and call theNational President of CBS, David Rhodes, at 212.975.4321, and tell them that they owe the Black community an apology and that they must allow The Black Star Project to present positive images of young Black men on their news shows to balance out the damaged done by Mr. Jacobson.
Click Here to see the tone and destructive qualities of many of the 740 comments made by viewers of CBS 2 Chicago News after viewing the inflammatory segment byMr. Jacobson.



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