“Living each day as if it were the last”

Dear Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy,

Diamond Trusty, whose brother Dantril, 17, was kiled, writes:

“I am tired of being scared of my community and scared to walk in it. I am tired of having to watch the news and see reports of another death….”

Asia Williams, who lives in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood, writes:

“The day the streets of Chicago get better is the day I won’t have to worry about living each day as if it were my last.”

Victoria Susberry, who lives in the Beverly neighborhood, writes:

“There shouldn’t BE a wrong time to be at any place. I should be able to buy candy from a corner store at 8 pm without having to worry that someone is going to shoot me or start mess in the store.”

Raymond Roundtree, who lives on the South Side,writes:

“Chicago is also known to my friends as Chi-Raq because it feels as if the streets are at war.”

Shawn Wong, who lives in Bridgeport, writes that students in his high school “give themselves names, emphasizing their resemblance to gangs.” This worries him.

Damien Foster,who lives on the West Sides, writes how he and a brother had to stop one of their brothers from getting a gun after he was jumped. “If more people reacted like that, they would create a chain that would never end,” he writes.

Andrew Rivera, who lives on the West Side, writes: “If just a few people hear what one kid has to say, it can make a big difference.”

So, here’s you chance, Mr. Mayor and Police Superintendent, and anyone else, who we hope care as well, go to the latest issue of Columbia Links, the issue with the cover that says, “Don’t Shoot…I Want to Grow Up,” and read the letters and essays from Chicago high schools students about the lives they fret about and the lives they wish everyone could live. Their efforts are addressed to you, Mr. Mayor and Police Superintendent, but for all of us they are a stirring reminder and a shout out from voices that matter.



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