Heroes in the hood are the hood

foto by Carlos Javier Ortiz

There’s a quiet that stands out on the 900 block of North Springfield Ave. Not every block in Humboldt Park shares this quiet.

The reason is the block club, as Lolly Bowean writes in today’s Tribune.

In yet another thoughtful and helpful story, she explains what it is that neighbors do to keep their neighborhoods alive in the face of violence. Her reporting for these last few months has been the kind that tells us more about the lives touched by violence; how they fight back, stand up, or sometimes walk away from the struggle. Among the many words spent on violence, her effort stands up as one that lets us see and feel the complex humanity: sometimes offering insights about the heroes in the hood and always giving a human face to this dilemma.


So, too, we sometimes seem to live in a sense of amnesia when it comes to explaining crime and where it comes from and what residue it leaves behind. Natalie Moore and Lance Williams fill this gap with this book of the P-Stone Nation and how it grew up to become such fearsome gang in Chicago. Their holding a book reading tonight, Thursday, Sept. 27, and you’ll gain from hearing them.




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