Murder is not just murder

I can use your help.

I’m struck by the Chicago Homicide Report put out this week by the Trib’s Redeye.

The important numbers say that:

1. homicides in Chicago are up 44 percent this year from January to May as compared to the same time last year

2. the number  of black victims jumped from 109 to 159

3. the ages of victims dropped, especially for those from 20 to 29 years old.

Here’s where I need you help. Why is this happening?

I don’t think it is the heat. That doesn’t make sense.

I don’t think it is because there are so many gangs. Are gangs worse here than any other major city in the nation? Or am I wrong?

I suspect it may be a number of bad things boiling together.

Guns? Gunshot victims went up this year. Maybe that matters.

Drugs? Whose dealing and are they dealing or fighting more? Maybe.

Prison releases? Are more folks getting out of prison with less than ever before for them to do to stay clean? What about probation and parole services? Maybe that matters too.

What else is it?

Crime doesn’t fall from the sky. Crime doesn’t strike black communities on the South Side and West Side for no reason. That’s a stereotype and racism and gets us nowhere close to any solutions.

There are reasons why this is happening now in Chicago.

So what are they?

If you work in an agency or a community group or follow what’s happening on your street or see who is coming to your emergency room or funeral parlor or from whatever window you have on what’s happening here, can you share what you see with us?

Talk to me. or at the office, 312 369 7782



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