Youth Violence – Telling the Whole Story, a different kind of meeting

What do we know about youth violence?

What can we say about why it persists? What can we say about the larger picture? Can we point to statistics that tell us more those about who suffer? Who is marked by it and how does its impact linger?

Can we point to experts who can tell us what’s happening in Chicago and about what groups, organizations, individuals making a difference? And what kind of differences have they made.

That’s the goal of our upcoming meeting in partnership with the Strengthening Chicago’s Youth (SCY) collaborative convened by Children’s Memorial Hospital.

We will bring together a number of groups involved in preventing and dealing with youth violence and offer the chance for them to meet with Chicago’s news media.

What makes this meeting different?

It’s a chance for those involved in this work to tell their stories directly to journalists in a series of brief interviews. Just as in speed interviewing.

It’s a chance for journalists to know what’s happening, to know groups and experts here in Chicago and to  hear about stories that go beyond yesterday’s crime blotter.

And for all of us, it’s a chance to look at how we can make a difference and how we are not alone in this struggle.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, questions, talk to me., at the office, 312 369 7782 or Diana Pando at 312 369 7783,

We’ll announce the exact date and location as we get close to this event in late June.



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