What Drives A Community Crazy?

What happens when you are overcome by the bad things in your life and community?

You are on guard. You are skittish.

You always feel unsafe, unsure, insecure,rattled.

Your sense of community is wiped away, blown away, disappeared, gone, kaput

You lose your trust in the community protecting you and caring for you

You see violence as a way to cope, to get by, to compensate for what’s missing

You want to escape, to get away, to get to someplace safe

But you can’t.

So you escape inward. You are frozen. You are a bystander and you don’t say diddly, don’t speak out, don’t pass on what you see that is terrible or trouble because you can’t

You’ve lost your sense of the future.

You’ve lost your sense that somebody is in charge, that somebody will straighten out the mess, the violence, the shooting, the killing, the beating, the fury and and the anger

You don’t think there’s any authority out there.

And that’s also when violence is what you do. It’s manly. It’s cool. It’s deadly too.

And that’s also what happens every so often in neighborhoods where violence is pervasive. So now you understand.

Where did this explanation come from?

Dr. Sandra Bloom, psychiatrist and co-director of the Center for Non-Violence and Social Justice at Drexel University’s School of Public Health.

But there’s also the reality that violence builds up and those caught up in violence have suffered numerous events before they kill or are killed or wound or are tragically wounded.

Listen to this interview:


After you hear this, think of a story about an ER room, ER staff, and the people who see the catalogue of violence as it is created.

I heard these explanations not too long ago at a stunning conference on covering youth violence put on by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. It took place in Philadelphia.

We need to keep these scenarios in mind as we explain what’s happening: explain in print and on the air and face to face. We have the chance with insight to deal with the myths and stereotypes and move on to solutions and not just focus on the dreadful.

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