“If it needs to be done, let’s do it.”

They began marching early last year after a heart-breaking string of violence. And they have been marching, walking, praying, listening and doing all they can ever since.

From a handful of women, the Deborah project has grown in the Chicago area and around the U.S. and even to South Africa. Taking their name from the biblical prophetess and leader of women, they have become a voice among those speaking up against violence.

Listen to Marcie Hill’s interview with Claudette Redinic, one of the leaders of the Deborahs, as they call themselves. As she explains, it hasn’t been easy. There were so many burials at one point, Redinic explains, she decided one day “I’m not doing funerals any more.” But there is much more to be done, she says.

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Written by on August 18, 2011

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