Hope and grit and feeling proud of your community

When the stockyards were a great jobs magnet, they came from Eastern Europe and elsewhere to work and live. But they felt their voices were not heard and spoke up and they taught others how to make their voices heard.

Today they are still speaking up and though the community has changed hands, the same spirit of making their voice heard lives on. To speak out against poverty and violence and the need to build their community

Here is a documentary about the Back of the Yards community. It is a message to others about the need and the power to tell your story.

It is a reminder to those who write about Chicago’s neighborhoods about how strong is the urge to feel proud of the places we call ours.

The first showing of the documentary is taking place tonight, Friday, May 27th but it will be available again.

Here they explain in Spanish and English

We are proud to announce that “In Back of the Yards,” a historical and current-day social-issue documentary about the Back of the Yards neighborhood, will be premiereing in the community on Friday, May 27th, from 5:30-8:30pm at Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School. Anybody who is interested in history, advocacy, and community discussion is welcome to come and enjoy the screening. The film is in English and is subtitled in Spanish.

The film was directed by recent Columbia College graduate Naomi Kothbauer. It covers such topics as working-class issues, gang violence, urban industry, community organizing, and the role the media plays in Chicago’s minority neighborhoods. After the film, audiences can enjoy refreshments, performances by 500 & Counting (featuring Azteca 500 and Hekter) and Bomba con Buya, and a silent auction that will help raise money for a youth-based summer documentary production project in Back of the Yards. There is an initial $5 *suggested* donation that will help us cover the cost of the event.

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que ”En Back of the Yards“, un documental hist órico de tem ática social y actual acerca del vecindario de Back of the Yards, se estrenar á en la comunidad, el próximo viernes 27 de Mayo de las 5:30 a las 8:30 p.m. en la Academia Multicultural Cesar E. Chavez, cualquier persona que esté interesada en la historia, defensa discusi ón comunitaria, est á cordialmente invitada a presenciar y disfrutar de la proyecci ón. La película es en Inglés y est á subtítulada al español.

La película fue dirigida por la reci én egresada del Columbia College: Naomi Kothbauer. El documental cubre tales temas como: las cuestiones de la clase trabajadora, la violencia pandillera, la industria urbana, organización comunitaria y el papel que juegan los medios en los barrios minoritarios de Chicago. Después del documental, el público podrá disfrutar de un refrigerio, adem ás de las actuaciones de: el 500 & Counting y Bomba Con Buya.

Se realizar á una subasta silenciosa que ayudará a recaudar fondos para un proyecto de producción de un documental en el verano basado en jóvenes, en Back of the Yards. Se *sugiere* una donación de $5 mismo que ayudará a cubrir los gastos del evento.

Click here for a trailer for the video



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