We are not Alone by Ashmar Mandou

From our friends at the Bi-lingual Lawndale News

In an effort to strengthen awareness of anti-violence initiatives across the city of Chicago, Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council (BYNC) has partnered with Community Media Workshop and Chicago’s Ethnic Media to introduce the ‘We Are Not Alone-No Estamos Solos,’ campaign during a press conference on Wednesday at St. Michael the Archangel Gymnasium.  The goal of the campaign is to ‘stir pride for the positive efforts and to encourage others to join in.’
“It’s time we highlight the stories of individuals making a positive change in our communities,” said Adriana Cardona, editor of The Gate Newspaper, part of the BYNC publication.  “We hear about too many shootings, too much violence on the news.  People are developing a negative perception about our neighborhoods and we need to change that mentality.”

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